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UW Design 2012

Consumer Product Projects


Concerns the design of products with specific attention to the application of human factors, appropriate materials, and manufacturing techniques.



Designing for Car Sharing

ID, Mobile, Systems, Consumer, Capstone

Volta Electric Charging Station

ID, Consumer, Sustainable

Measuring Shock

ID, Consumer, Medical

Espresso Machine

ID, Consumer

BLINQ: Tangible Interaction

IXD, Interactive, Mobile, Consumer


ID, Consumer

Prosthetic Leg

ID, Consumer, Medical

Rethinking Prosthetics

ID, Consumer, Medical

Shock Monitor

ID, Consumer, Medical

Audio Vision

IXD, Motion, Mobile, Systems, Consumer

iPad Case

ID, Consumer


ID, Consumer, Medical

High Heel Prosthetic

ID, Consumer, Medical

Power to the Commuter

ID, Consumer, Sustainable, Capstone

iPad Case

ID, Mobile, Consumer

Lego OASIS Physical Interaction

IXD, Graduate, Interactive, Motion, Consumer

The Espresso

ID, Consumer

Coffee Maker

ID, Consumer

Modern Expresso Machine

ID, Consumer, Environment