Why? Because passion matters.

Common Ground

This project explores the issue of personal connection to local community. Our team set out to create an application that would provide opportunities for individuals to get involved with their personally-defined “ground.” In addition, we wanted to encourage individuals to continually engage and build relationships with others in their “common ground.”

Design Education in the United States

This poster set is the culmination of my independent research on U.S. design programs in higher education. The timeline illustrates two distinct trends: European-influenced programs (in red) and American trade schools (in blue). The table profiles each program, detailing current degree offerings and tuition costs, as well as highlighting influential design educators.


This publication studies the human mind in the context of the human experience. My aim was to design and organize the content by the four lobes of the cerebral cortex. The unique construction of the print version encourages interaction with the piece, while the touch and swipe gestures in the digital version allow for more engagement with the content.

Emergent Behavior in Systems

This poster is an abstract visualization of individual and collective behavior patterns in society. The goal was to identify how participatory and observatory design methods are best used to understand diverse audiences. The diagram shows that people progressively change as their environment changes, suggesting that designers broaden or narrow their design approach accordingly.

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