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UW Design 2012
show, don't tell
show, don't tell
show, don't tell
show, don't tell
show, don't tell

UW Design Show 2012

B.Des — Bachelor of Design

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
School of Art
University of Washington


6 – 16 June
Open Wednesday – Saturday
12 – 4pm


Tuesday 5 June
5 – 8pm


Wednesday 6 June
5 – 8pm
Introductions & Awards:


M.Des — Master of Design

Henry Art Gallery
University of Washington

26 May – 17 June
Opening Reception:
Friday 25 May
7 – 9pm


Thursday 31 May
5 – 8:30pm
Conference Room
Mezzanine Level

The Work


You're looking at a preview of some of the work that we — the graduating class of 2012 — think is worth showing off. Welcome to UW Design 2012.



Power to the Commuter

ID, Consumer, Sustainable, Capstone

US National Parks

VCD, Print

Crime Symbols

VCD, Print, Information

The Espresso

ID, Consumer

Prosthetic Leg

ID, Consumer, Medical

BLINQ: Tangible Interaction

IXD, Interactive, Mobile, Consumer

Emergent Behavior in Systems

IXD, VCD, Graduate, Print, Systems

Defense Infographics

VCD, Information, Print

Prosthetic Leg

ID, Medical

Veteran Affairs Infographic

VCD, Print, Information

Beyond the Sound

VCD, Print, Publication, Capstone

Working Corps

IXD, VCD, Interactive, Environment, Web

Income and Tax Inequality in America

VCD, Print, Information

Assembly Stencil Typeface

VCD, Print

National Park Poster Series

VCD, Print

EMP Visitor Guide App

IXD, Motion, Mobile, Capstone

Audio Vision

IXD, Motion, Mobile, Systems, Consumer

Global Campus

VCD, Branding, Print, Sustainable

Volta Electric Charging Station

ID, Consumer, Sustainable

Our Big Gay Debate

IXD, VCD, Graduate, Interactive, Information

Flight Deck Concept Center

IXD, Information, Systems

Measuring Shock

ID, Consumer, Medical

Homegrown Hops

VCD, Print, Graduate, Information

Defining Deafhood

VCD, Print, Information

Medical Sample Collector

ID, Medical

Shock Monitor

ID, Consumer, Medical

Mighty Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication, Sustainable

Amazon Corporate Identity

VCD, Branding, Web

Design Education in the United States

VCD, Graduate, Information

MSM: Mobile Shock Monitor

ID, Systems, Medical

The Record

VCD, Print, Environment

National Park Posters

VCD, Print

King County Libraries

VCD, Branding, Systems, Environment

Blindness Infographic

VCD, Print, Information, Medical


ID, Medical

Infographics of Aging

VCD, Information, Print


ID, Consumer

National Parks Campaign

VCD, Print, Systems

Salty's Rebrand

VCD, Branding, Print, Capstone

Voy Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication

Designing for Car Sharing

ID, Mobile, Systems, Consumer, Capstone

J Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication


ID, Medical

Learning Disabilities

VCD, Print, Information

The Beautiful Game

VCD, Print, Information

iPad Case

ID, Consumer

Catch Me If You Can

VCD, Graduate, Information, Publication

Sound Transit Rebrand

VCD, Motion, Environment, Branding, Print, Web


ID, Medical

Wicked Fit

IXD, ID, Graduate, Interactive

New Chinese Student Guide

VCD, Interactive, Print, Information, Web, Publication, Capstone

How Are You, World?

IXD, VCD, Interactive, Information

Division of Design Timeline

IXD, Interactive, Information, Web, Capstone

Student Spotlight

IXD, Interactive, Web, Systems

1&2 Publication

VCD, Print, Publication

Get Used To It

VCD, Environment, Branding

iUGO: a shock-monitoring device

ID, Medical, Systems


VCD, Print, Systems

Brazilian Coffee Industry

VCD, Print, Information, Interactive

The U.S. Federal Budget

VCD, Print, Information

Sound Transit Rebrand

VCD, Branding, Print, Environment, Web

Carbon Emissions from Livestock

IXD, Interactive, Information, Web, Sustainable

King County Library System Rebrand

VCD, Branding, Environment, Web

Global Brigades

VCD, Branding, Print, Publication, Capstone


VCD, Print

Chicago Typeface Design

VCD, Print

Ligne Sans

VCD, Print

Concert Posters

VCD, Print, Capstone

The Challenge

IXD, Interactive, Mobile, Capstone

Neuroscience Publication

VCD, Publication, Medical

Modern Space – Efficient Kitchen Island

ID, Sustainable, Capstone

High Heel Prosthetic

ID, Consumer, Medical

Marquee Magazine

VCD, Interactive, Print, Publication

Devine Structures

Graduate, Print, Publication

For Girls: A Biological Handbook

VCD, Print, Information, Medical, Capstone

Brazil: Biodiversity & Ecosphere

VCD, Print, Information

ROAM Magazine

VCD, Publication, Print

Seattle: Punishment Funded City

IXD, Graduate, Interactive, Information

Coffee Maker

ID, Consumer

YuMi: Transtibal Prosthetic

ID, Medical, Sustainable


ID, Consumer, Medical

Base Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication

Social Phones

IXD, Interactive, Mobile, Web

Espresso Machine

ID, Consumer


ID, Medical

A Perfect Spy

VCD, Motion, Capstone

Skein Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication


VCD, Print


VCD, Print

INKED | Tattoos in Seattle

VCD, Motion, Print

Shock Monitor

ID, Medical

Colorful Thoughts

VCD, Interactive, Information

Rethinking Prosthetics

ID, Consumer, Medical

TPYO Magazine

VCD, Print, Publication


VCD, Print


VCD, Print

iPad Case

ID, Mobile, Consumer

Ethos- a prosthesis for Cambodia

ID, Systems, Sustainable

Sound Transit

VCD, Branding, Web, Environment

Common Ground

IXD, Graduate, Mobile, Systems

Modern Expresso Machine

ID, Consumer, Environment

Uup! Your College Life

VCD, Interactive, Web

Amazon Rebrand

VCD, Motion, Branding, Print, Web, Environment

The Hello Project

IXD, VCD, Interactive, Environment, Branding


IXD, Interactive, Web

Lego OASIS Physical Interaction

IXD, Graduate, Interactive, Motion, Consumer

The Cast